5 Questions for CSU Trustees to Address Gender Gap

5 Questions for CSU Trustees to Address Gender Gap

CSU needs more women presidents, as detailed in my recent Sacramento Bee Op-Ed: Cal State system has a major gender diversity problem.

The CSU Trustees can address this gender gap, by asking the following questions at their upcoming board meetings, scheduled for September 8 and 9, and November 17 and 18:

1.    Diversity Goals
Have we set specific diversity goals for our campus leadership?  For the Office of the Chancellor?  Are we on target in meeting these goals?

2.    Upcoming Retirements
Of our 23 presidents, who is likely to retire in the next 3 years?  How might these openings help us reach our diversity goals?

3.    Building the Leadership Bench
We know that only 7 of our 23 CSU Presidents are women, but what is the diversity – by gender and race – of leaders on the executive teams at each campus?

4.    Recruitment Firm
What is the track record of our recruiting firm in identifying high-level candidates who are women and people of color?

5.    Acting & Interim Presidents
Do we have a policy or best practice for hiring acting or interim presidents? And does this policy include a commitment to developing a diverse pool of leaders?

Do you have ideas for additional questions?  Send suggestions to comments@ccrwf.org.

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