CalWORKs/Child Welfare Partnership Project


From November 2000 through March 2005, CCRWF directed the CalWORKs/Child Welfare Partnership Project, an effort that aimed to increase knowledge about and implementation of practices to integrate child welfare and public assistance programs in California. The Project was supported by the Stuart Foundation, launched in partnership with the California Department of Social Services, and piloted in 13 California counties.

Known as Linkages, the Partnership Project continues under the direction of the Child and Family Policy Institute of California (CFPIC) and is now underway in 33 of California’s 58 counties.

Please direct any questions about Linkages to Danna Fabella, Linkages Coordinator, or Stuart Oppenheim, CFPIC Executive Director, at (916) 443-1749.

Leaders interested in coordinated services for families will want to review the Linkages Planning Guide, produced by CCRWF and available on the website of CFPIC. Please go to to view or download the Planning Guide — and more recent materials developed by CFPIC.



LINKAGES II, a conference on coordinating CalWORKs and Child Welfare Services, was held in Sacramento, California, on October 28, 2004. For materials and additional conference information, click here

In Phase One, five Work Groups of the CalWORKs/Child Welfare Partnership Project provided recommendations in programmatic and policy areas identified as priorities to increase coordination of CalWORKs and Child Welfare Services. Their recommendations are summarized in the publications below, which were released at the statewide Linkages conference on May 30, 2002.

Important Note: All of this information has been updated and summarized in the Linkages Planning Guide, published by CCRWF in October 2005 and made available at on the website of CFPIC –

Please refer to the documents below after reviewing the current Planning Guide.

2002 Planning Guide – Recommendations from the
Organizational Structures Work Group
Coordinated Case Planning
Flexible Financing
Data Systems
Organizational Change and Training
State Level Recommendations
Recommendations for State-Level Activities to Coordinate CalWORKs and Child Welfare Services

The CalWORKs/Child Welfare Partnership Project conducted a survey of California counties to determine the extent and type of linkages between CalWORKs and Child Welfare programs.

Click here to download a copy of the questionnaire.
Click here to download the Executive Summary of Coordinating CalWORKs and Child Welfare Services: Results from the California County Linkages Survey.