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Summit Materials Rolled Out

Over 500 California leaders attended the California Working Families Policy Summit, held on January 12, 2011. All of the materials developed for the Summit – advocate recommendations, fact sheets and legislative histories – are now available on our website. Please … Continue reading

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CCRWF Releases Updated CalWORKs Primer

California’s welfare program is at the center of the state’s budget debates. CCRWF’s updated and newly released CalWORKs primer can help you deepen your understanding of the history, purpose and structure of this essential social service program. Understanding CalWORKs: A … Continue reading

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Legislature Should Restore CalWORKS Grant Cut

State Forfeiting $117 Million in Stimulus Funds Authored By Michael Herald, Legislative Advocate of the Western Law & Poverty Center The Legislature and Governor Schwarzenegger should restore the CalWORKs grant cut set to take effect July 1, 2009. California will … Continue reading

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Tease Them Apart, Think Long-Term

Authored by Jean Ross, Executive Director, California Budget Project Proponents argue that voters must consider Propositions 1A through 1F as a single package, as if voting for “all of the above” is the only option on May 19. The California … Continue reading

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Western Center Sponsors Bills

An update from Elizabeth Landsberg, Legislative Advocate of Western Center on Law & Poverty: Since my presentation at the WF Summit, the Western Center on Law & Poverty has sponsored four bills to improve access to health care for low-income … Continue reading

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California WIC Association Updates

Laurie True provides this update from the California WIC Association: State Bills and Issues FOOD PACKAGE CHANGES: California WIC providers are extremely busy preparing for the transformative changes to the foods we offer 1.5 million participants. CWA has been partnering … Continue reading

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