The Full Participation Report — #NotThereYet

The Full Participation Report — #NotThereYet

Only 5% of CEOs in Fortune 500 companies are women.  Comedian Jenny Slate calls this “a lot of wasted pantsuits.”

Ms. Slate joined with Amy Poehler, Sienna Miller, Padma Lakshmi and Carmen Diaz in a short video that kicked off the release of The Full Participation Report, produced by the No Ceilings initiative of the Clinton and Gates foundations.

Yesterday in New York, the heavy hitters took the stage: Chelsea Clinton, Melinda Gates, and Secretary Hillary Clinton. Watch the proceedings here.

Or check out the twitter conversations using the hashtag #NotThereYet.

The Full Participation Report compiles data on the progress of women throughout the world on a broad set of indicators – laws and policy, education, health, economic status, civic participation and more. The timeframe is 20 years – the 1995 starting point set by the 4th UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing to 2015.

In her introduction, Melinda Gates explains why the report is more than an info feast for nerds: “Data is knowledge and knowledge is power. . . the power to help women and girls build a better future.”

Another powerful point is made by Chelsea Clinton, who with this initiative fully takes the international stage as a public intellectual and change agent:

“That while we’ve made great progress over the last 20 years, we’re just not there yet when it comes to gender equality – and that’s just not good enough.”

And finally — my vote for one of the most touching moments from the proceedings that included the Presidents of Liberia and Croatia. Secretary Clinton completed her remarks, and then turned the program back to her daughter:  “So . . . let’s start.  Chels?”

Chelsea responded: “Thanks, Mom.”

The Full Participation Report.  Watch it. Read it. Share it.


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