Pathways to Policy 2014

Over 60 young women from throughout California participated in Pathways to Policy, an intensive training held in conjunction with the 2014 Women’s Policy Summit to explore options and opportunities to pursue a career in public policy.

On Day One, participants received overviews of state and local government, had ongoing interaction and dialogue with mentors, received skills-based training to support continued exploration of careers in public policy, attended a reception at the State Capitol, and participated in an invitation-only dinner with women who work in and around the State Capitol.

On Day Two, participants attended the 2014 Women’s Policy Summit, a one-stop opportunity to learn about women’s policy issues from recognized California leaders. Issues on the agenda included health care reform, health disparities and gender, child care and early learning, reproductive rights and justice, poverty and economic empowerment, the backlog of untested rape kits, compliance with Title IX, and building women’s political power.  See the full agenda for the 2014 Women’s Policy Summit here.

Pathways to Policy participants:

■      Learned more about the practical side of policymaking – the nuts and bolts of government and leadership

■      Gained a deeper understanding of women’s policy issues

■      Observed women leaders in action

■      Received training on intentional networking – to make the most out of conferences and receptions

■      Received training on informational interviewing – and identify realistic career-building steps for the upcoming year

■      Met other young women with similar interests and ambitions

■      Connected to a statewide community working to advance women’s health, wealth and power


What Makes this Program Unique?

■      Designed to engage young women in their 20s and early 30s

■      Mentors available throughout both days to offer advice and ongoing dialogue

■      Contact with elected and appointed women serving at state and local levels

■      Fast-paced seminars will introduce young women leaders to must-know topics

■      Participation in the 2014 Women’s Policy Summit will link young women to cutting-edge public policy affecting the lives of women and girls

■      Program includes two days in Sacramento, including one night of paid lodging

Here are the materials provided through Pathways to Policy:

P2P Final Agenda

P2P Panelist Biographies

P2P Honorary Co-Chair Biographies

P2P Mentor Advisors

P2P Mentoring Advisory Committee Biographies