2016 Pathways to Policy

The CCRWF Mentoring Initiative

In 2016, CCRWF is once again hosting Pathways to Policy, our mentoring program for young women.  Program participants have been selected in partnership with IGNITE and student leaders at California State University.

Here’s the 2016 P2P Agenda!

Pathways to Policy (P2P) is a two-day program scheduled for Thursday, January 14, and Friday, January 15, in Sacramento, California.

Held in conjunction with the 2016 Women’s Policy Summit (also hosted by CCRWF), Pathways to Policy 2016 will offer an intensive 2-day training to help Pathways participants explore options and opportunities to pursue careers in public policy.

To facilitate dialogue, relationship-building and mutual support, participation is limited to 30 college-age women who will journey to Sacramento from throughout California.

To ensure equitable and affordable access, there are no registration fees required to participate, but applicants must cover the cost of travel and parking.

Program Information
On Day One, participants will be trained in:

  • Pathways to State Careers in Public Policy
  • Two Tools to Advance a Career in Government: Intentional Networking & Informational Interviews
  • How a Bill Becomes Law
  • The Basics – and Power – of the Budget Process
  • Pathways to Careers in Public Policy
  • Tour of the California State Capitol

On Day One, participants will also participate in the 2016 Women’s Policy Summit, which will feature a Women’s Policy Fair & Leadership Reception.  Leading advocates will showcase their policy priorities in the following areas:

  • Poverty & Economic Advancement
  • Working Families and the Workplace
  • Fair Pay
  • Women’s and Girls’ Health
  • Addressing Violence Against Women and Girls
  • Reproductive Rights & Justice
    . . . and more

Following the Women’s Policy Summit, Pathways participants will gather with peer and mentor advisors for an informal meal and conversation.

Day Two, participants will be trained in:

  • Pathways to Careers in Local Government
  • Social Media & Personal Branding

Participants will conclude their participation in Pathways with a guided planning session to identify their next steps to advance a career in government and policy.

What we offer you in Pathways to Policy:

  • Learn more about the practical side of policymaking – the nuts and bolts of government and leadership
  • Gain a deeper understanding of women’s policy issues
  • Observe women leaders in action
  • Receive training on intentional networking – to make the most out of conferences and receptions
  • Learn how to conduct an informational interview – and identify realistic career-building steps for the upcoming year
  • Meet other young women with similar interests and ambitions
  • Connect to a statewide community working to advance women’s health, wealth and power

What Makes this Program Unique?

  • Designed to engage young women in their early 20s
  • Mentors available both days to offer advice and ongoing dialogue
  • Contact with women working at state and local levels
  • Fast-paced seminars introduce young women leaders to must-know topics
  • Participation in the 2016 Women’s Policy Summit will link young women to cutting-edge public policy affecting the lives of women and girls
  • Program includes two days in Sacramento, including one night of lodging

How to Prepare for Pathways

  • Participants should dress in business attire on Thursday, and casual business attire on Friday.
  • Due to space accommodations, travel with as little luggage as possible (a small overnight bag that can be easily transported).
  • Registered participants will be asked to participate in one of two conference calls prior to Pathways to Policy to fully prepare them for the two days of activities and educational opportunities.

Please direct questions about Pathways to Policy by email only to mentoring@ccrwf.org and allow 48 hours for a reply.

CCRWF gratefully acknowledges the support of the following organizations for Pathways to Policy and the 2016 Women’s Policy Summit:
California Legislative Women’s Caucus
California Latino Legislative Caucus
California Legislative LGBT Caucus
California Commission on the Status of Women & Girls
SEIU 1000
Women’s Foundation of California
Public Health Institute
Uptown Studios
LWH Consulting

CCRWF Executive Director
Kate Karpilow, Ph.D.

CCRWF Mentoring Co-Coordinators
Deanna Ping
Diana Vazquez