Health Care and Health Care Reform

Below are the policy and briefing materials developed for the Health Care and Health Care Reform plenary at the January 12, 2011 Working Families Policy Summit, as well as additional background materials developed by the Summit advocates and others.


Health Insurance Consumer Protections & The Exchange

Prepared by Anthony Wright, Executive Director, Health Access

Recommendations on Transforming Health Insurance

California Health Reform Timeline

Recent & Selective Legislative History: Access to Health Care

Medi-Cal Waiver; Eligibility & Enrollment

Prepared by Elizabeth Landsberg, Director of Legislative Advocacy, Western Center on Law and Poverty

Recommendations on Implementing Health Reform

Fact Sheet: California’s 1115 Medi-Cal Waiver

Access & Prevention

Prepared by Cary Sanders, Senior Policy Analyst, California Pan-Ethnic Health Network

Recommendations on Access and Prevention

Fact Sheet: Ensuring Health Reform meets the needs of California’s Diverse Communities

Legal and Organizing Strategies

Prepared by Robert Garcia, Executive Director and Counsel, The City Project

Recommendations on Physical Education and Equal Justice in Public Schools

ALSO, check out the materials from our Health Care Reform Tutorial 1-2-3, sent out prior to the Summit.