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Jerome R. Corsi, Santa Maria Times: Looking beyond today’s vote
Tom Hilton, If I Ran the Zoo: California special election
California Healthline: California voters head to polls; lawmakers gear up for budget
Robert Cruickshank, Calitics: California bailout talk ramps up
Thomas Lifson, American Thinker: California’s budget crisis even worse than admitted
Steve, One Citizen Speaking: May 19, 2009: Another day of infamy
Robert, American and Proud: California votes today
Oakland Tribune Editorial: It is election day, please cast your ballots

[May 18, 2009]

Lizzie Tomei, Public Press: Whatever happens Tuesday, we’re still in a deep hole
Long Beach Press-Telegram Editorial: It’s election day
Alan, The Dana Report: CA election day tomorrow
Dan Conway & Andrea Peters, World Socialist Website: The California special election and its ramifications
Mayor Ron Loveridge, Instant Riverside News: Statewide election is fiscal crisis point
Paul Gallegos, WatchPaul: Vote no, no, no, no, no, no
Wandering Bell: Remember to vote tomorrow
Liset Marquez, Contra Costa Times: Opposing sides offer last-minute views on ballot measures
Halfway to Concord: California hits Death Valley
Jon Healey, LA Times: Still waiting for an alternative
Joseph Henchman, Tax Foundation: A golden opportunity: California’s budget crisis offers a chance to fix a broken tax system
Jeff Nolan, Venture Chronicles: Mr. Post partisan & California’s special election
Gregory Rodriguez, LA Times: California’s democracy overload
Paul Hogarth, SF BeyondChron: Arnold’s legacy: Driving the state towards bankruptcy
Wall Street Journal Opinion Forum: California Reckoning

[May 17, 2009]

Daniel Weintraub, Sac Bee: Picture this state’s fiscal reckoning, because it’s close
Associated Press, SJ Mercury News: Major donors for and against Calif. propositions
Modesto Bee: Fix state, don’t wreck it
Carol Jensen, Barstow Desert Dispatch: Why I’m voting yes on Propositions 1A-1F
Peter Hecht, The Real World: Tuesday May 19th: California goes over the edge
Mitchell J Freedman, MF Blog: California nightmaring (with apologies to mammas and pappas)
Duane Campbell, Choosing Democracy: California budget crisis
Political Colors: Voter guide for California’s May 19th election

[May 16, 2009]

Phil’s 2009 California special election guide: California 2009 special election guide
SJ Mercury News Editorial: Proposed California budget cuts make the case for passing propositions
Sue, Chattah Box: Is California’s broken government beyond repair?
Cricket Diane C Phillips, Cricketdiane’s Weblog: Republican California Governor Schwarzenegger selling off state landmarks…
Michael Cabanatuan, SF Chronicle: Cities, school district seek funds with ballot
Lee Andersen, Merced Sun-Star: Vote to protect stability and our children
Brian Joseph, OC Register: Ballot measures offer voters no good choice

[May 15, 2009]

KQED’s California Report: Special election – what comes next?

Jon Coupal, Policy Report: To get his way the Governor issues threats
California Healthline: Governor’s budget plans hit health care programs hard
Dan Walters, Sac Bee: Scare tactics of day of reckoning?
John Myers, Capitol Notes: Storm front
KQED’s California Report: Schwarzenegger’s post-election plan

[May 14, 2009]

The Economist: The ungovernable state
Mike Zapler, SJ Mercury News: As California budget mess deepens, Schwarzenegger proposes huge new cuts
Jon Ortiz, Sac Bee: May budget update will bring new pain
SJ Mercury News: California’s budget problems at a glance
Malcolm Mclachlan, Capitol Weekly: Win or lose, special election shows Governor’s…
Michael Marois & William Selway, NY Bloomberg: California deficit resurfaces as voters…
VC Reporter: Most propositions are not well thought out, but a couple of them will help
Chris Mitchell, Reason Foundation: Ballot measures won’t fix California’s deficit or cure its…
California Healthline: Rules for stimulus funds weigh on Governor in budget revisions

[May 13, 2009]

Samantha Young, SF Chronicle: Timing of Schwarzenegger budget release questioned
John Wildermuth, SF Chronicle: Governor’s memory fades about original rainy day fund
Emily Duffy, Political Artwork: CA election May 19, 2009
California Healthline: Ballot measures spark concerns about health care among minorities
Tim Rutten, LA Times: California’s budget propositions: A no-win vote
Garen Yegparian, Armenian Weekly: Guess what? Another California election

[May 12, 2009]

Sierra Sun Editorial: Special election simply passes the buck
Thad Kousser, LA Times: California’s budget compromise
Patty Fisher, SJ Mercury News: Pondering the propositions
Dan Walters, SJ Mercury News: California budget crisis sparks fight among governments
Josh Rosenau, Thoughts from Kansas: What if Props 1A-1F fail?
Rob Hotakainen, Miami Herald: California looks to Congress to guarantee its borrowing
Scott Martin, With a Cast of Thousands: Scott’s May 19 ballot recommendations
David Dayen, Calitics: Arnold’s new budget deficit – trust but verify
David Pisarra, Santa Monica Daily Press: Robbing Peter to pay Paul
Chris Crotty, San Diego News Network: The almost criminal propositions
Tamerlane, Liberal Rapture: Prop Candy
Dave Cogdill, SF Chronicle: California speeding toward the cliff’s edge

[May 11, 2009]

Kevin Yamamura, Sac Bee: Governor lays out budget cuts this week – before May 19 vote
Robert Cruickshank, Calitics: CA faces $15 billion deficit – even if May 19 props pass
Corina Knoll, LA Times: Schwarzenegger paints bleak picture if budget measures fail
Kevin Yamamura, Sac Bee: State budget deficit now $21.3 billion
Elisabeth Nardi & Paul Thissen, Contra Costa Times: State proposal could borrow millions from cities
John Myers & Anthony York, Capitol Weekly: The pivot
Mike Morgan, A Job Worth Doing: Prop 1A-1E failing could trigger state money “grab”
Paul Hogarth, SF BeyondChron: Arnold and Gavin: Using the deficit to scare us
Contra Costa Times Editorial: Ominous signs for California’s budget
Hugh Hewit, Washington Examiner: Here comes California’s May 19 rebellion
LA Times Editorial: The special election: Turning California around
Daniel Weintraub, LB Press-Telegram: California needs performance-based budgets

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