Proposition 1A

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California Forward Americans for Tax Reform
California Teacher’s Association California Budget Project
California Taxpayers Association California Faculty Association
Yes on 1A & 1B Campaign California Federation of Teachers
Courage Campaign
League of Women Voters
No on Prop 1A Campaign
No on Prop 1A Coalition

Columns, Op-Eds, and Other Pieces

[5/18/09] Christi Morales, Public Press: Propositions 1A and 1B
[5/18/09] Mark Tapscott, Washington Examiner: California’s Prop 1A tax hike faces the day of reckoning…
[5/15/09] John G. Matsusaka, Sac Bee: Prop. 1A won’t cure state’s overspending
[5/14/09] Tony & Audra Strickland, Ventura County Star: State can’t afford Proposition 1A
[5/13/09] Joe Matthews, Blockbuster Democracy: Stop the lies: Prop 1A isn’t that long
[5/13/09] Melissa Griffin, SF Examiner: Unifying language may kill Prop. 1A
[5/13/09] Carla Marinucci, SF Chronicle: GOP Gov’s candidates: So where would they cut?
[5/12/09] Julie Small, Southern California Public Radio, KPCC: Proposition 1A is key measure on the May…
[5/12/09] Paul Thornton, LA Times: Readers to Sacramento: Burn, baby, burn
[5/11/09] Chris Reed, SD Union-Tribune: ‘The little people,’ ‘their political masters’ and Prop. 1A
[5/11/09] John Myers, Capitol Notes: Prop 1A: Pork barrel spending?
[5/11/09] Brian Bonner, Pete Stahl, & Steve Hopcraft, Uprising Radio: Voters disagree on Propositions 1A …
[5/11/09] Daniel Weintraub, Sac Bee: Prop 1A bedfellows: Only in California
[5/08/09] Hashem Rouhani, SF Examiner: Proposition 1A changes California’s budget process
[5/08/09] Juliette Williams, SJ Mercury News: Prop. 1A would limit spending but keep tax hikes
[5/07/09] Mr Black, We The People: Prop 1A in California
[5/06/09] California State Association of Counties, Public CEO: ‘Suspension of Proposition 1A real option’…
[5/06/09] Jean Ross & Emily Rusch, LA Times: Prop. 1A: The right budget fix?
[5/04/09] Bill Leonard, Orange Juice Blog: In depth analysis of Prop 1A from Bill Leonard, Member, State…
[5/03/09] Daniel Weintraub, Sac Bee: Anti-tax activists miss the point of Prop. 1A
[4/29/09] Ashley Gordon, Northridge Daily Sundial: Proposition 1A raises concerns
[4/29/09] John Myers, California Report: Special Election Series – Proposition 1A

[4/27/09] George Skelton, LA Times: Governor keeps Prop. 1A simple
[4/25/09] SJ Mercury News: Lawmakers, CEOs see progress amid tough choices in California
[4/23/09] George Skelton, LA Times: Two budget measures equal one case of confusion
[4/21/09 ] Anthony Wright, California Progress Report: How Prop 1A is being packaged
[4/21/09] John Myers, California Report: Prop 1A’s old ball and chain…taxes

[4/20/09] John Myers, Capitol Notes: Prop 1A: Not quite a cap, not just for rainy days
[4/16/09] Anthony York, Capital Weekly: Special election continues to confound
[3/22/09] James P. Sweeney, SD Union: Is Prop. 1A a simple fix or too-rigid formula?


  • [5/17/09] Henry L. Lacayo, Ventura County Star: Senior’s perspective on Prop. 1A
  • [5/15/09] Steve Scauzillo, San Gabriel Valley Tribune: Huff defends his support of Prop. 1A
  • [5/13/09] John Wildermuth, SF Chronicle: Sen. Feinstein is giving tepid OK to Prop. 1A, 1B
  • [5/11/09] Torrance Daily Breeze: ‘Yes’ on Props. 1A, 1B
  • [5/06/09] Peter L. Saul, California Progress Report: Proposition 1A: State budget…
  • [5/05/09] Steven Maviglio, California Majority Report: Another reason to support props 1A…
  • [5/01/09] LA Times: Proposition 1A, flawed but needed
  • [4/28/09] Steven Maviglio, CA Progress Report: Top 10 reasons why progressives should…
  • [4/27/09] SJ Mercury News: Voters should ignore party activitsts and pass Prop. 1A
  • [4/27/09] La Opinion: Yes on Prop 1A. and 1B
  • [4/12/09] Tom Campbell, LA Times: Proposition 1A: The budget fix California needs
  • [4/16/09] George Skelton, LA Times: There’s nothing sneaky about Proposition 1A
  • [4/5/09] Daniel Weintraub, Sacramento Bee: Why you ought to vote for 1A
  • Opponents

  • [5/18/09] Robert Krol, Los Angeles Daily News: Proposition 1A faulty reform for California
  • [5/15/09] Paul Burke, United for Peace & Justice: Special election – progressive voter guide
  • [5/15/09] Atdleft, My Direct Democracy: Fear & loathing in California…There’s an election…
  • [5/14/09] Janet Arnold, Berkeley Daily Planet: Vote no on Prop. 1A-1F
  • [5/13/09] Dan Logue, The Union: Other voices: Prop. 1A – ‘death by a thousand cuts’
  • [5/12/09] Jon Coupal, OC Register: Prop. 1A backers make a case for ‘no’
  • [5/11/09] Richard Riordan, OC Register: Prop 1A smuggles $16 billion tax
  • [5/08/09] John Coupal, LA Metropolitan News-Enterprise: No looking back
  • [5/07/09] Larry Kurbatoff, Palm Springs Desert Sun: Proposition 1 A nonsense doesn’t…
  • [5/06/09] Kate Thomas, SEIU: What Prop. 1A really means for California
  • [5/06/09] Citrus College Clarion: Vote no on Props 1A, 1B
  • [5/04/09] Steve Boren, Americans for Prosperity: AFP weekly update
  • [5/04/09] Lisa Pampuch, Morgan Hills Times: Yes on measure A, prop 1F, no on all the rest
  • [5/04/09] San Bernardino Sun: Proposition 1A won’t fix budget
  • [5/04/09] Sheila Kuehl: Props 1A, 1B and 1C
  • [5/02/09] LaVerne Online: His turn: Blowing his horn again proposition 1A
  • [5/01/09] Ken Mettler, KC Taft Independent: NO on 1A: A Trojan horse for irresponsibility
  • [5/01/09] Larry Gilbert, Orange Juice Blog: Just what the doctor ordered. Raise taxes and…
  • [5/01/09] Wes Morris, Kern County Taft Independent: California budget propositions – May…
  • [4/30/09] Brian Leubitz, Calitics: Progressives struggle with the props while field shows…
  • [4/30/09] Cynthia Walker, Gilroy Dispatch: A fed-up taxpayer’s voter’s guide to the May…
  • [4/29/09] Bob Burnett, Berkeley Daily Planet: The public eye: Prop. 1A – no answer to…
  • [4/28/09] Phil Angelides, LA Times: The false promise of Prop. 1A
  • [4/28/09] Tom Condit, SF Bay Area Indymedia: No on proposition 1A
  • [4/27/09] Michael Hiltzik, LA Times: California budget fixes on May 19 ballot are are mostly…
  • [4/25/09] Margaret A. Bengs, Sacramento Bee: Prop. 1A’s passage would open doors to…
  • [4/24/09] Jon Coupal, OC Register: Prop. 1A forces in full-court press
  • [4/14/09] Robert Cruickshank, Courage Campaign: Prop 1A: Too clever by half?
  • [4/1/09] Jon Coupal, The Policy Reporpt: The Joke is on the Taxpayer