Proposition 1B

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California Forward Americans for Tax Reform
California Federation of Teachers California Nurses Association
California Teacher’s Association
Yes on 1A & 1B Campaign

Columns, Op-Eds, and Other Pieces

[5/18/09] Christi Morales, Public Press: Propositions 1A and 1B
[5/13/09] Roger Phillips, San Joaquin Record: The only thing worse than if measures pass? If they fail, educators…
[5/11/09] Brian Bonner, Pete Stahl, & Steve Hopcraft, Uprising Radio: Voters disagree on Propositions 1A and 1B
[5/09/09] Dana Hull, SJ Mercury News: California’s education community split on Prop. 1B
[5/08/09] David Dayen, Calitics: CFT sues Arnold for education funding under Prop. 98
[5/07/09] Central Coast KSBW: Prop 1B would deliver billions to schools
[5/05/09] Stacey, Pleasanton Weekly: Prop 1B and “What’s the baseline?”
[5/04/09] Tom Campbell, Jennifer Kuhn, Don Dawson, Rev. James Butler, John Myers, and David Crane, California Report: Special Election Series – Propositions 1B and 1C

[5/02/09] Kevin Yamamura, Sac Bee: Proposition 1B devised to avoid court fight, gain ally
[5/01/09] Timm Herdt, Ventura County Star: Prop. 1B tries to untangle kink in school funding policy
[5/01/09] Ryan Sabalow, Redding Record Searchlight: Prop 1B would provide money for schools
[5/01/09] Natalie Everett, Gilroy Dispatch: Prop 1B effects on schools unclear
[4/27/09] John Myers, Capitol Notes: Prop 1B: The one time fix

[4/23/09] Lisa Schiff, SF BeyondChron: School beat: Schools and another special election
[4/22/09] James P. Sweeney, SD Union: Outcome for 1A, 1B intertwined in May vote