Proposition 1C

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California Forward Americans for Tax Reform
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SEIU California Nurses Association
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Columns, Op-Eds, and Other Pieces

[5/18/09] Michael Pistorio, Public Press: Propositions 1C and 1D
[5/18/09] Berkeley Daily Cal Editorial: Prop 1C
[5/15/09] John Wildermuth, SF Chronicle: Prop. 1C backers hoping money talks
[5/12/09] Brian Leubitz, Calitics: Where do the ‘modernization’ $ come from
[5/11/09] Jim Miller, RC Press-Enterprise: Prop. 1C, a proposed lottery makeover, proves much debated ticket
[5/11/09] Josh Richman, Political Blotter: Lottery firm coughs up $250k more for Prop. 1C
[5/10/09] Timm Herdt, Ventura County Star: Why must we vote again in California?
[5/07/09] Greg Lucas, California’s Capitol: A closer look at Proposition 1C
[5/07/09] Melissa Griffin, SF Examiner: Prop 1C – gambling on our gamblers
[5/06/09] Jonathan Kaplan, California Budget Bites: Are lottery bonds a good bet?
[5/06/09] David Dayen, Calitics: Did you know?
[5/04/09] Tom Campbell, Jennifer Kuhn, Don Dawson, Rev. James Butler, John Myers, and David Crane, California Report: Special Election Series – Propositions 1B and 1C

[5/04/09] John Myers, Capitol Notes: The cash advance of Prop 1C

[5/03/09] Timm Herdt, Ventura County Star: Prop. 1C raises revenue by raising chances of winning lottery
[5/01/09] Glenn Barr, Lake Arrowhead Mountain News: Voters to decide lottery’s future
[4/29/09] Sara Suddes, Gilroy Dispatch: Prop 1c delays debt
[4/29/09] Daniel Weintraub, Sacramento Bee: Lottery deal’s bad, but compared to what?
[4/27/09] James P. Sweeney, SD Union: Proposition 1C changes lottery and more
[4/25/09] Steve Wiegand, Sacramento Bee: Should state bet on $5 billion from lottery?
[4/12/09] Mike Zaplar, SJ Mercury News: To help balance California budget, Prop. 1C eyes boost in lottery sales