Proposition 1D

Nonpartisan Summaries and Background

Analyses from Non-endorsing Organizations

Analyses from Endorsing Organizations

Proponents Opponents
California Forward Americans for Tax Reform
California Teacher’s Association California Federation of Teachers
California Taxpayers Association California Nurses Association
First Five Association of California
League of Women Voters
No on Prop. 1D and 1E Coalition

Columns, Op-Eds, and Other Pieces

[5/18/09] Michael Pistorio, Public Press: Propositions 1C and 1D
[5/15/09] Ellen Noyes, Help a Mother Out: What you need to know about Props 1D and 1E – jargon free
[5/18/09] Berkeley Daily Cal Editorial: Prop 1D
[5/11/09] Hashem Rouhani, SF Examiner: Proposition 1D protects children’s service funding or does it?
[5/11/09] KYMA: Prop 1D sparks controversy
[5/11/09] John Myers, KQED’s California Report: Props 1D, 1E
[5/10/09] Timm Herdt, Ventura County Star: Why must we vote again in California?
[5/09/09] Steven Harmon, SJ Mercury News: On the ballot: Props. 1D and 1E
[5/08/09] Delaine Easton, Dan Carson, Rusty Selix, & Bruce Pomer, KQED’s California Report: Propositions 1D and 1E

[5/07/09] Paul Sisolak, Venture County Reporter: Props. 1D, 1E flawed on both sides
[5/04/09] George Lauer, California Healthline: Prop. 1D called ‘Hobson’s Choice’ for voters