Proposition 1F

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Analyses from Endorsing Organizations

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California Forward Americans for Tax Reform
California Teacher’s Association California Federation of Teachers
California Taxpayers Association California Nurses Association
Courage Campaign

Columns, Op-Eds, and Other Pieces

[5/18/09] Lizzy Tomei, Public Press: Propositions 1E and 1F
[5/18/09] Jim Sanders, Sac Bee: Measure to freeze California legislators’ pay sends a message
[5/13/09] John Myers, Capitol Notes: Prop 1F: The May 19 guillotine

[5/11/09] Kevin Smith, Not That Kevin Smith: California’s May special election: Proposition 1F
[5/05/09] Sheila Kuehl: Props 1D, 1E and 1F
[5/02/09] Rob Rogers, Redding Record Searchlight: Prop 1F would freeze legislators’ pay while state runs…
[4/30/09] Timm Herdt, Ventury County Star: State panel tries, fails to cut legislators’ pay
[4/29/09] John Myers, Capitol Notes: Cut politician pay. Oh wait, we cant?
[4/27/09] Wyatt Buchanan: Prop. 1F would bar raises if state has deficit